Art by Winnie Luk 
"One can speak poetry just by arranging colors well”
—Vincent van Gogh
  1. Abstract
  2. Abstract
  3. Abstract
  4. Abstract
  5. Abstract
  6. Landscape, Sunrise
  7. Landscape, Sunset
  8. Contemporary, Geometric
  9. Abstract
  10. Landscape
  11. Landscape
  12. Contemporary
  13. Contemporary
  14. Abstract
  15. Abstract
  16. Landscape
My name is Winnie Luk.
I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in this interesting and bustling metropolis.  Before settling in Brisbane, I had also lived in Canada and Papua New Guinea, two countries with very different cultures and very different color palettes.

I believe painting is about story-telling and artists express their thoughts, ideas and emotions through color, shapes and light.

Landscape painting was my first passion, both of Australian bush scene and exotic overseas locations. My love of travel has provided an endless source of inspiration for my paintings.

Splendid colors lift our spirits and soothe our souls, and when I know my art has touched someone in this way I am forever grateful I can share my gift with others